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our programmes

The main focus of the Untouched World™ Charitable Trust is building leadership capability both for 16 -17 year olds, and pre-service teachers and tertiary trainees. The students and pre-service teachers are mentored by lecturers, teachers and community educators from a range of backgrounds. Professional Development opportunities for DOC and other related program expertise also continues to grow as we celebrate our 15th operating year.

Marlborough Sounds – Island Restoration

The Blumine Island project is the Trust's foundation programme where we have been working for 15 years. Focused on returning the island to its original state, without introduced predators, and then developing a sanctuary for native animal and plant species at risk. Key outcomes are:

  • Youth leadership through personal experience
  • Predator free status, leading to the reintroduction of Kiwi
  • Feedback planning and action – in a context of biodiversity
  • Cultural best practice and conservation
  • Evaluation and implementation of new ideas
  • Encouraging community benefits for the Marlborough Sounds

"We have been living and acting sustainably all week. We have been doing this not for ourselves but for the future of all humans and animals." – Katie Keir, Queen Charlotte College

"I loved learning about the history of Blumine Island, the wildlife and about conservation. I made new friends and I really want to make an effort to improve life on this island. – Malaika Cockerell, Lincoln High School

Check out the clip below to see what the team from TV3's Campbell Live thought of their trip to Blumine Island...

Waterwise - Canterbury & Otago

In partnership with Ngai Tahu, ECAN, Otago Community Trust, Rata Foundation, Otago Regional Council, Contact Energy and Otago Polytechnic, our Waterwise programmes are in their 5th year in Canterbury, and 3rd in Otago. They explore student understanding of primarily four issues pertaining to this most critical of resources;

  • use
  • availability
  • quality
  • economics

Waterwise students are exposed to, and interact with, all players in the water resource chain, from the primary energy players, through to the farming, recreation, cultural and conservation interests, all of whom are involved in sustainable water management.

Tongariro Kiwi/Whio Forever

In its 12th year the Trust’s primary Kiwi programme is centred around Ruapehu National Park and is focused on our national icon, the Kiwi. Based on Ngati Rangi marae at the foot of the mountain, ‘Kiwi Forever’ has a strong cultural focus, and examines the challenges the flightless Kiwi faces in its fight for survival. The programme highlights the importance of learning to work cooperatively with a variety of people, understanding the spiritual connection of Maori to the Kiwi and the personal satisfaction of helping to save endangered species. Key outcomes are:

  • Youth leadership through personal experience
  • Feedback planning and action – in a context of the Kiwi Forever programme
  • Knowledge of the biodiversity of Kiwi
  • The importance of Kiwi to Maori
  • What does it is mean to be a known as a Kiwi (person/icon)? What would be the impact if New Zealand lost its national icon?

GENESIS ENERGY joined this programme's support base in 2013 and committed to continue through to 2017. Genesis's own work on Whio has been aligned to further enrich this program.

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